Until further notice, we will be meeting online only for Worship Services (Sundays @ 10:00am)

COVID 19 Update: Safer at Home

Currently, Massachusetts is in Phase 2: Cautious. We are no longer ordered to stay home but are strongly advised to stay at home. Critical businesses are open and non-critical businesses are operating with restrictions. During this current level the church will continue to promote virtual interactions for church related events such as Sunday services, mid-weeks, family groups, etc.

Need Help?

PVCC is here to serve the community. Need to talk? Reach out to Sajjan Sharma - or Lisa Sharma - Need financial assistance to make ends meet? PVCC has a special fund for just that reason; you can apply below.

Benevolence Food Request
The Pioneer Valley Church of Christ wants to take every step possible to ensure every member is fed during this global crisis. If you have suffered a job or income loss and are facing food insecurity, please submit this form.
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*The PVCC Board of Directors has approved the following addendum to the Benevolence Policy. Please read this addendum before applying for any assistance: PVCC Benevolence Addendum.pdf.